10 Quick & Easy Burger Recipes

Jesse loves burgers. Jesse also loves haikus And the third person. The only thing I eat more than cheesecake is burgers... and I'm all out of cheesecake. Here are some burger recipes my stomach won't forget for a while.

By: Jesse T / 01/11/2018

1. Spicy Beef Burgers with Garlic Tahini Yoghurt

Take the ingredients of a Middle Eastern-style kofta with tahini sauce and try them in this juicy, flavoursome twist on the classic burger. Parsley and baharat spice mix flavour the patties, which are pan-fried then slathered with a cumin-spiked sauce.

2. Asian Chicken Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges

Give the classic chicken burger a spin with Asian flavours for an easy weeknight dinner. It's all ready in the time it takes to roast a tray of spiced sweet potato wedges.

3. Spiced Pork Burgers with Roasted Carrot Salad

We've given burger night a healthy Indian twist with spices, fresh herbs and a super-easy cucumber raita. Paired with a hearty carrot salad, this is a must-try winner!

4. Pork and Apple Burgers with Melting Smoked Cheddar

We all know that roast pork and apple sauce make a superb combination but when you mix some pork mince and grated apple in a burger patty and top it with some smoky cheddar, you'll be in heaven! Just in case you wanted a little more decadence, we've made a sage and walnut aioli to pop in the burger, too. You're welcome!

5. Indian Pork Burgers with Roasted Carrots and Raita

Barbecues are perfect for making burgers and these Indian-style pork burgers really pack a flavour punch. Spiced with garam masala, onion and coriander, the burgers are ludicrously flavoursome and are sure to please. Slather a generous layer of raita onto the buns and enjoy with a sweet roasted carrot salad packed full of refreshing cucumber and coriander.

6. Caribbean Beef Burgers with Mango

Sail across the Pacific Ocean in under 25 minutes with these flavourful tropical beef burgers. The mango and coriander salsa adds a tropical twist reminiscent of the Caribbean sun, while the creamy lime mayonnaise adds decadence. Yeah man!

7. Porcini-Crusted Cheeseburgers with Tomato Relish and Sweet Potato Wedges

Forget regular burgers. We’ve coated our grass-fed beef mince patties with ground porcini mushrooms for an umami kick, then melted over an aged cheddar. Topped off with tangy tomato relish and paired with caramelised sweet potato wedges, you’ll never look at burgers the same way.

8. Korean Bulgogi Beef Burger with Gochujang Mayo

Most people know bulgogi as barbecue or stir-fry, but in Korea the delicious marinated beef is also a favourite for burgers. We’ve followed suit with this tempting combo of quick stir-fried meat and fresh carrot salad on a soft milk bun. Finish with creamy mayo laced with the addictive Korean chilli paste gojuchang for a winning family meal.

9. Kimchi Beef Burgers with Smoked Cheddar

Traditionally, vegetables such as cabbage and carrot are fermented for several days to make kimchi, but this cheat’s version with vinegar and Korean chilli paste takes just 15 minutes. Pair with juicy grass-fed beef patties and melted smoked cheddar for burgers with a delicious Korean twist.

10. Mexican Chicken Burgers with Roasted Potato Gems

There's a fiesta of flavours in our Mexican version of the classic American hamburger. Spice up chicken with a smokey chipotle marinade, then pan-fry for a few minutes before sandwiching between warm and fluffy milk bread buns slathered with garlic mayo. A side of crispy baked potato gems and dinner is served. Olé!

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