Making Back To School A Breeze

We are proud to help families make dinnertime easier all year round, but we know back to school time can be chaos! So, here's how to make it a bit easier...

By: Josephine / 13/07/2018

When you combine full time work with a family, things get pretty tricky. And really, there aren’t a lot of shortcuts to take when it comes to feeding, watering, dressing, and spending time with your kids. But we’ve got a few tips that could save you minutes every day - and every minute saved, is a minute extra you can spend doing the things you love.


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Organise Your Space

If you spend hours each month looking for lost shoes or keys, why not make a system so that everyday items have a regular place. Set up hooks or a small basket near the door for house keys. Give each person a basket by the door with his or her name on it to hold shoes, sports equipment, bags and other loose items that are used a lot. To prevent morning stress, do a last-minute check before bedtime to ensure that the next day's clothes and shoes are out, clean and ready.

Apps are incredibly helpful for organising various appointments and keeping to them! Download apps for grocery lists, to-dos, any kid related meetings/parties/events you both need to be across. Syncing across both phones means you and your partner can split up at the supermarket and check off items as you go - saving heaps of time.

Holidays are a good chance to clear your head...and your fridge. Starting with a clean slate for the term is going to make it much easier to keep on top of hectic schedules.

Freeze! Emergency!

Keep your freezer stocked with easy-to-heat meals, frozen veggies, and prepared side dishes for those days that don’t go as planned.

Lunchbox Lessons

Sundays - the day to rest? More like the day to plan! We recommend preparing lunches on Sunday. If you prep one vegetable element e.g. grilled zucchini - you can pop it on sandwiches each day to avoid any stress about what to make. Combine with a piece of fruit and a yoghurt and voila! Lunch in less than 10 minutes.


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Get Dinner Done!

As Martha Stewart herself says - Marley Spoon helps you "save time to make time for everything else you want to do”. Ordering Marley Spoon takes the guesswork out of dinner. With simple recipes and pictures, you can even bring the kids into the kitchen to help and have fun. With your dinner ready in 30 minutes, there’s no wasted time, and the food is nutritious for growing bodies. If you’ve given us a go and lapsed, perhaps now is a good time to try us again as a fresh start to the term.

Families are absolutely loving Marley Spoon - here are a few Marley Spooners telling us how they feel about us:

"I just wanted to let you know that your food boxes have been an absolute hit in our house. Since going back to work full time, I had no time to cook for my family. Since getting Marley Spoon I have not had to do long trips to the supermarket or think about anything to do with dinner anymore. I know they are tasty but delicious and the cleaning up is minimal. The food is amazing and the recipes are things I would have never thought I would be able to cook on my own” - Emily, Victoria.

"With full time work and two toddlers, I struggle with time and energy. Marley Spoon takes the stress out of cooking healthy and delicious meals" - Beth, Queensland.

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