Now there's even more choice for dinner - Our new vegan menu

Starting Monday 27th October, try our new menu items and enjoy this new culinary adventure with us.

By: Meagan / 14/10/2019

We will be offering three new, fresh vegan meals in addition to your 20 other choices - that’s 23 new delicious dishes every week! Order now.

"This new vegan option menu has been in development for over a year, but ensuring quality and consistency was more important than rushing the launch."

This move to creating weekly vegan dishes, did not come lightly, our Culinary Director, Evan Murphy, has been working hard with the Marley Spoon Culinary, Nutritionist and Procurement team, to ensure the vegan suppliers that were brought on shared the same philosophy in food.

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“Our customers have been asking for more vegan options, but we needed to ensure we could do it in the right way, which means balanced, nutritionally sound recipes supported by premium, all-natural ingredients. We didn’t want to start delivering vegan options if they don’t meet our standard of quality.

Everything tagged vegan on the Marley Spoon menu contains no meat, eggs, dairy or other animal products, like honey, BUT they are made from all real ingredients with all the meals nutritionally balanced.

To get this vegan party started, our first week of recipes include:

Fragrant Japanese Noodle Broth with Tofu, Sesame and Shiitake

ID01875HERO FragrantJapaneseNoodleBrothVegetables 274

Masters at crafting soup-bases, Japanese rely on the unmistakable flavour of dashi in their broths. Made using kombu (edible kelp) and dried bonito, we've taken the concept of dashi and run with it in this soup-noodle dish. Chunky with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, carrot and spring onions, it's finished with sesame and schichimi togarashi, a punchy Japanese spice mix with plenty of chilli kick. Take a look here.

Miso Pesto Farfalle with Mushrooms and Cannellini Beans

ID01861.1S6 MisoPestoFarfalle 06

Break all the rules with this truly international and modern interpretation of the Ligurian classic, pasta al pesto. Umami-rich miso replaces the traditional pecorino cheese and introduces massive flavour to this pasta, packed with luscious green vegetables - making going cheese-free so easy-peasy. Find the recipe here.

Thai Tempeh Noodle Bowl with Snowpeas, Peanuts and Lime

ID01862HERO CrispyTempehVermicelliNoodleSalad 01

High in protein, fibre and vitamins and endlessly versatile, the rustic flavour of pan-fried tempeh is perfect with the sunny flavours of Thailand, in this nutritious, colourful noodle bowl.

Talking to a Nutritionist

The resident Marley Spoon Nutritionist, Brigit Ambrose, delves into our new vegan menu options and how we curated these dishes.

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There are huge benefits to reducing your meat intake and eating a more plant-based diet, for both your health and the planet, but the word ‘vegan’ has a bit of a halo effect and some people think this automatically translates to healthy.

It turns out that a lot of vegan products are very high in salt or sugar, so when developing our new menu, we wanted to make sure everything would be suitable for weekly eating with a huge emphasis on using real food.

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Get Flexi With it

You may of heard of casual vegetarianism, semi-vegetarian diet (SVD), Meat-free-monday or even Flexitarianism, which is about flipping the balance on your plate, increasing your plant-based proportion of your diet, without losing the flavour and texture of meat completely. By eating and cooking this way, you can halve your meat consumption and get more veggies into your diet.

If you’re not ready to cut meat, poultry, or fish, that is fine with us, but having the option of going meat free even once a week is now available.

Try a meat-free meal weekly, or get started with 23 new menu options now!

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