Supplier Story - Tasmanian Potato Farmers Win

Our potato supplier for Tasmanian Marley Spooners, Daly Potato Co. have recently been announced as the 2019 Australian Farmer of the Year!

By: Meagan / 22/10/2019

Sue and Gerard Daly, have come on board with us at Marley Spoon, ever since we started delivering across the Bass Strait to Tasmania.

At Marley Spoon, we always want to be sourcing ingredients from Australian Suppliers and Farmers as they grow high quality produce right in our back-yard. With special focus on the importance of embracing seasonality with fresh produce in order to cook with the best ingredients from local Australian suppliers.

According to AusVeg, the Australian vegetable industry contributes more than $3 billion to the agricultural sector and potatoes are by far the biggest vegetable commodity grown in Australia by volume, with more than 1 million tonnes grown for human consumption and processing.


Daly Potato Co. were announced as winners for the award as a result of their focus on hard work, sustainable farming and innovative approaches to reducing food waste.

The Daly’s planted their first potato crop by hand in 1995, since then they have grown to become one of Australia’s most diverse potato producers; - Harvesting 4,500 tonnes of high-quality washed potatoes across 603ha, - Employing 38 staff, - Producing 4,800 bottles of alcohol per year and; - Making over 300 ton of potato salad plus an extra 200 ton of value add products.

We chose potatoes because we have a good soil profile and the climate in this region of Tasmania is suited to potato growing,” Sue said.

At the beginning we had steady production and marketing, but after a few years, we saw an overall reduction in the fresh potato crop consumed in Australia. Some of this was driven by mistaken health claims, but also, around 20% of the fresh potato crop was being perceived by consumers as not perfect enough to buy.

* “This compelled us to consider what else we could do with our fresh potato crop in order to remain sustainable.*”


Congratulations to Daly Potato Co. for this fantastic achievement and supplying our Tasmanian Customers with the best potato produce.

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