Top cooking tips for your Winter Dinner Party Box

Getting ready to cook your Tanqueray x Marley Spoon Winter Dinner Party Box curated by Matt Preston? Here are a few tips to prepare your chicken like a pro and get that mouthwatering, crispy chicken skin that’ll have your guests begging for seconds.

By: Marley Spoon / 24/07/2020

The true showstopper of this limited edition box is the whole Saskia Beer chicken. These are no ordinary chickens – they're award-winning, free-range produce from Saskia Beer's property in the Barossa Valley.

To truly roast them like a pro, be sure to follow these cooking tips.

Unpack and dry out the chicken

The chicken will have been delivered with ice packs to ensure it stays cool during transit. Once your box arrives, remove the chicken from the cool bag and from its packaging to ensure it has enough time to dry out and for the centre of the chicken to completely defrost before roasting.

After removing the packaging, pat the chicken dry, inside and out, using a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. This will improve the texture of the chicken skin once it's cooking, and make it easier to follow the next steps when you're ready to cook.

Once you’ve patted the down down, refrigerate it uncovered for at least a few hours or overnight if possible.

Prep the chicken for roasting

When you’re getting ready for showtime, remove the chicken from the fridge 1 hour before you're planning to start roasting it to bring the chicken up to room temperature. It’s time to apply the butter to chicken, which will give it that super crispy, golden brown effect on the outside.

Starting from the cavity end of the chicken, gently push your fingers under the chicken skin to carefully separate the skin from the flesh of the breast and thighs:

Tanqueray x Marley Spoon Winter Dinner Party Box curated by Matt Preston

Once the skin is separated from the meat, take half of the herb butter and gently push it under the loosened skin, using your hands to smooth the butter evenly under the skin and all over the upper side of the chicken. Spread the remaining butter over the chicken, on top of the skin:

Tanqueray x Marley Spoon Winter Dinner Party Box curated by Matt Preston

Finally, tie the chicken legs together using kitchen string, tying the knot firmly, and follow the rest of the cooking method steps as provided in your box.

While the chicken's cooking, pour yourself and your guests a Tanqueray cocktail and enjoy being the host with the most!

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