Winner winner here are my top 10 chicken dinners

My name is Jesse and I'm the poultry queen. Here are my top favourite chicken dishes, so get strapped in because we are heading to flavour-town!

By: Jesse T / 22/03/2018

1. Parmesan Chicken Schnitzel with Red Slaw

This dish was ranked number one by Marley Spooners last year, and its pretty easy to see why. The homely feel of the classic pub lunch gets a sophisticated twist and I can't get enough. Plus, with the awesome colour contrast, it's gorgeous on a plate - what's not to love? Get the recipe here.

2. Fragrant Vietnamese Rice Soup with Poached Chicken

Everyone knows the best part about poaching chicken is the unbelievable broth at the end. Forget turning water into wine, with this dish you'll be begging for broth - and lots of it! Want to try it yourself? Take a look at the recipe here.

3. Korean BBQ Chicken Buns with Quick Kimchi

Did someone say finger lickin' good? This Korean BBQ chicken with tangy kimchi and creamy mayonnaise is a flavour sensation on a crispy toasted bun that will knock your socks off. Note: I gave this dish extra points because of how incredibly easy it was to make. Get cooking with the recipe here.

4. Chicken Satay Curry with Green Beans and Carrots

This satay chicken curry is so packed with flavour it's hard not to get completely lost in the moment while eating it... Sorry, did you say something? I was busy falling in food-love. Check out this taste bud-busting recipe here.

5. Baked Chicken Paella with Aioli

Much loved by Marley Spooners from Toowoomba to St. Kilda and everywhere in between, this paella was a favourite at HQ too. Want to know what all the fuss was about? Get the recipe here. Seriously though, if you have leftovers send them my way!

6. Green Chilli Chicken Rice with Lemon Yoghurt

If you like a little spice in your life this one's for you. And if you don't like it hot - no sweat! Our clever chefs made sure you add the spice yourself, so you can choose how much flavour is on your plate (and the kids' too!). This healthy take gained doube points for only using one pot - less dishes, more yum. Get the recipe here.

7. Chicken Parmigiana with Cheddar and Thyme

Ah yes, the Australian staple - a chicken parmi. You didn't think I could make it all the way through this list without one, did you? It's the perfect comfort food with added thyme to give it a bit more oomph than your local. This is one the whole family will love, so get amongst it. Find the recipe here.

8. Chai-Poached Chicken with Sesame Rice

If you didn't know this was a thing, fret not, I was amazed at first too. But trust me, poaching chicken in chai tea is revolutionary, and not a technique you will be forgetting any time soon! Take a look at this jaw-dropping recipe here.

9. Hot 'n' Spicy Sweet Potato and Chicken with Lime and Coriander Yoghurt

Winner winner chicken dinner - as far as I'm concerned there isn't a word in this title that doesn't get my tummy rumbling. Spicy sweet potato wedges are the perfect side to this flavoursome chicken, and the addition of cooling lime and coriander yoghurt means this is a quick and easy meal that certainly won't dissapoint in the flavour-stakes! Try it for yourself and check out the recipe here.

10. Chicken Banh Mi with Pickle Carrots and Cucumber

A regular on the Sydney city streets, this quick and healthy Banh Mi is jam-packed with flavour. Simply skip the chilli for the little ones and you've got a weeknight winner the whole family will love. Get the recipe here.

So there you have it, a conclusive but by no means complete list of the amazing chicken dishes you're sure to encounter in your Marley Spoon Box. Can't get enough? Check out our upcoming recipes to scope out your new family favourites, and sign up with $35 off your first box here! Now that's a winner.

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