A Marley Spoon Update from the CEO

Fabian Siegel, Marley Spoon CEO, has update on some key areas that are impacting our Marley Spoon community, and how the commitment of our Marley Spoon team, our suppliers and logistic partners are working together to overcome these new obstacles.

By: Marley Spoon / 22/04/2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, we, like many businesses, have been adapting and evolving aspects of our company. Firstly, I would like to thank all our employees on the frontline of our packing facilities. They have risen and embraced the challenge of meeting demand, especially in the current circumstances.

Now, an update on some key areas that are impacting our Marley Spoon community.


We have seen an overwhelming demand for our Customer Care telephony team during these current circumstances, and I understand the frustration when you feel like your calls are being unanswered as a result.

I assure you, that your calls, emails, social media posts, messages and other communications are being received by the team and being resolved as quickly as possible.

Like all other aspects of our company, staff welfare has always been a priority, and during this pandemic we took care to ensure they were adequately set up to work in a safe environment.

We have also completed a rapid recruitment process to handle this increased demand, and have onboarded new Customer Care Associates, and we do ask for your patience as we train these experts to the quality customer service standard that we pride ourselves on.

We aim to be back to 100% capacity in the coming days.


As mentioned in a previous update, there are some ingredient items that are not as readily available as they were before the events of COVID-19 took place.

We continue to work closely with our domestic growers and manufacturers, however they have had an increase in demand from the major retailers. I am sure you have seen the low inventory of certain items on supermarket shelves, and we are no different as our suppliers work hard to restock on such short notice.

Our supply team are continuously seeking alternatives to ingredients that are in low supply, plus working very closely with our culinary teams as they create new recipes that won’t impact the quality cooking experience you’ve come to expect from us.

If an ingredient substitution is necessary and last minute, our customer care team will inform you of changes in advance, along with new cooking instructions from the culinary team.

From myself, and everyone at Marley Spoon we want to thank you for your support, patience and sharing your cooking adventures with us online. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing our community enjoy what we are passionate about.

Fabian Siegel, Founder & CEO

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