Counting the carbs, so you don't have to

We have done it again, and extended our weekly menu, adding 4 low-carb dishes to our already extensive menu.

By: Leanne / 23/01/2020

You’ve asked us for more low-carb choices - and we listened. We now have a further menu expansion, committing to 4 extra low-carb specific healthy recipes.

This means you can now choose from 27 different dishes on our menu every week.


Chicken, Pecan and Feta Salad with Maple-Roast Pumpkin

Low-Carb Eating

Carbs. They get a bad rap. But as your body’s number one energy source, they’re kind of essential. Loosely they fall into two categories - sugars and starches (a.k.a. simple and complex carbohydrates) - with starchy veg and grains falling into the latter group and anything containing naturally-occurring sugar (including fruits) or added sugar, in the first.

The average Aussie consumes 229 grams of carbs per day, which is around 45% of total daily food intake. To put it in perspective, ½ cup of pasta (depending on shape of pasta) weighs around 114 grams. Marley Spoon’s low-carb meals will be less than 25g of carbs per portion.


Provencal Chicken with Olives and Green Beans


You’ve asked us for more low-carb choices - and we listened. So now you’ll find even more low-carb dinner options in your weekly Marley Spoon selection.

Here at Marley Spoon, we’re about more than the latest dietary fads du jour. Studies and science support the concept of cutting back on certain carbs - particularly refined ones. Even the CSIRO endorses this approach as beneficial.

As do elite athletes like Aussie cricketer Shane Watson and the Parramatta Eels captain Tim Mannah. Among the potential health advantages of cutting back on refined carbs are weight loss, lowered blood pressure, increased levels of good cholesterol and reduced insulin levels. And that’s just for starters.


Roasted Peri Peri Chicken with Pumpkin and Rocket Salad


Essentially, low-carb eating is all about lean proteins, healthy, unsaturated fats and plenty of vegetables. Veg like mushrooms, tomato, zucchini, broccoli and broccoli, kale, sprouts cucumber and bok choy are ultra-low in carbs, so we use plenty of those.

Slightly higher in carbs, but still within the bounds, are cauliflower, leeks, eggplant, beans, capsicum, radish, parsnips, snow peas and radish. Healthy fat-foods include olive oil, avo, hummus, tahini and nuts while lean proteins are comprised of all the usual suspects - beef, pork, lamb and chicken - as well as tofu and eggs.


Salt and Pepper Barramundi with Summer Rainbow Salad


Sticking to any dietary regimen can be tricky but Marley Spoon is all about making life easier. We count those pesky carbs in your dinner, so you don’t have to! The aim is to consume 25g or less of carbohydrate per dinner, and our low-carb meals deliver on that score.

Each of our low-carb dishes go through rigorous development in our test kitchen, before being evaluated for flavour and nutrition. Our development team are a tough crowd so once they’re happy, we know that you will be too.

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