Deliciously Different - New vegan recipes hitting the menu

We have a new collaboration with Smith & Daughters and Fable Food Co. with delicious plant-based recipes hitting Marley Spoon menu. Available to order now.

By: Meagan / 26/11/2019

In case you haven’t heard, Marley Spoon are now offering a vegan range as part of our 23 weekly recipes. We have worked extremely hard in finding vegan suppliers that live by the same philosophy in food. Catch up on it here.

In line with this new menu offering, we brought on some vegan inspiration to create fresh, delicious meals. These can all be ordered now.

Starting a collaboration with Melbourne’s plant-based queen, Shannon Martinez. The chef, recipe-book writer and owner of Australia's two most prolific plant-based businesses, Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli.


Shannon has been cooking in kitchens for the past 22 years, armed with a strong hospitality network, and proven tenure in her industry with great success in plant-based dining.

Shannon has a foundation for vegan food, creating unique tastes and textures unlike anything on the market today, ones that truly replicate meats, cheeses, and good old family recipes.


Starting from 2 December, we have some very delicious vegan, Shannon-inspired meals hitting the menu, using a delicious plant-based meat alternative produced by Fable Food Co. This mushrooom meat-like product has the taste and texture of pulled pork and beef brisket.

What is Fable’s meat alternative?

It’s all created using ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible – it’s based on shiitake mushrooms which make up 2/3 of the ingredient list. This plant-based meat alternative has that stringy, meaty texture and can be used in all the dishes we’d typically use these meats in.

To keep the processing to a minimum, they shred the shiitake mushrooms in a way that creates that stringy, pulled-pork, beef brisket. It is made in a unique style, to help retain the goodness of shiitake mushrooms. It's then mixed in some coconut oil, soy protein, and natural flavours – like gluten-free soy sauce and humble salt and pepper."

What’s on the menu?

Sri Lankan Vegan Curry with Coconut, Peas and Turmeric

sri lankan vegan curry-5f26203d27400acfa2c1f6f8d73e2524

This killer curry is available week commencing 2 December (order now) and is rich with flavours of Sri Lanka.

Mushroom Pulled 'Pork' Buns with Red Cabbage and Corn Slaw

mushroom pulled pork buns-c85750e0d7059788befa7af56e16537d

Available week starting 9 December - Chef Shannon brings her rocking vegan style our way, with this plate of seasonal fabulousness. Developed exclusively for Marley Spoon, this dish features plant-based mushroom 'meat' that's made using good-for-you, good-for-the-planet shiitakes.

Smith & Daughter's Ragu with Mushroom Meat and Tagliatelle

mushroom meat ragu with tagliatelle-38ef03170360bdc9535e9510800314d4

Available week starting 16 December - Styled after the Italian classic, ragu Bolognese, and with soy milk added for ultimate richness, it's just the kind of comforting dinner you crave at this frantic time of the year.

The Collaboration - the people behind these plant-based recipes and product.

  • Shannon Martinez (Smith & Daughter) - An unlikely candidate to be the poster girl for plant-based dining. But she is and she's unstoppable. Shannon is well and truly underway in her mission to change the way the world perceives plant-based dining and changing the way people eat.

  • Jim Fuller (Fable Food Co.) - A BBQ loving Texan, who worked as a fine-dining chef for 10 years before studying Chemical Engineering and Agricultural Science. Jim then discovered the power of mushrooms and has worked as a Mycologist (a mushroom scientist) for the last 12 years.

  • Chris McLoghlin (Fable Food Co.) - Passionate about permaculture, biodynamics, regenerative farming systems, co-founded what is now Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm where he won some Young and Organic Farmers of the Year awards.

  • Michael Fox (Fable Food Co.) - A vegetarian who misses the taste of meat and wanted a whole food, minimally processed based plant-based meat alternative, and the result is Fable.

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