5 Delicious Burgers To Celebrate Burger Day

Our culinary team has pulled our all time favourite burger recipes from our food library! From vego mushroom burgers to chickpea and feta patties, there's something for everyone to help celebrate International Burger Day.

By: Josephine / 28/05/2019

The Burger from Three Veg and Meat

ID01607HERO TheBurger 3VM 174-93ff677f3c4379d6f533378422b0d73f

This recipe got glowing reviews after recently being on our menu to celebrate Three Veg and Meat, a cookbook which focuses on flipping the balance on your plate, written by our Culinary Director, Olivia Andrews. Using less meat and more veg, you're getting the best of both worlds while still enjoying a delicious homemade, guilt-free burger. Missed this recipe? Cook it now via the iOS app or Android app in our food library. Just search 'The Burger'!

Porcini-Crusted Cheeseburgers with Sweet Potato Wedges

ID00842 HERO PorciniCrustedCheeseburgers 01-f0baa4fcf75b7c9dd0198f33541114ab

We've popped this family-friendly burger on our menu for you to enjoy this week! Add oomph to your burger with moreish porcini powder, made from the famous Italian dried mushroom. Tuck into this jucy and delicious burger full of sweet tomatoes in a soft milk bun that's high on flavour, easy to cook and guaranteed to become a household favourite.

Chilli Mushroom Vego Burger with Carrot and Mint

ID01645 HERO ChilliCarrotAndMintMushroomBurger BADGE-7bc352551d34967cb99c8d007bd28626

There's no way we could get through this list without a vego burger! This spicy, vegetarian and super fast recipe is one for our plant-based friends, or those who simply want a break from meat. Our mushroom patties convince even carnivores they're missing out on nothing and, paired with a minter carrot salad and chilli-yoghurt sauce, it's bursting with flavour too.

Plus, it's your lucky day! This vego burger is coming up on our menu again in the week commencing 10th of June. Login and order now!

Haloumi and Charred Capsicum Burger

ID00800HERO HaloumiCharredCapsicumBurgers 077-0c5c2be8fa077c2a16620e67cfbdc5dd

Up there with one of our favourite meat-free burgers, this easy Haloumi and Charred Capsicum Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges comes together with a tangy relish. Watch it be gobbled up in seconds by the whole family. Cook this recipe via the iOS app or Android now. Just search 'Haloumi and Charred Capsicum Burger' in the food library!

Chickpea and Feta Burger

WEBID00920HERO ChickpeaFetaBurgers 143 copy BADGE-70efeb21b526de1a3c9e7a574c899c53

We're throwing it back to when our Culinary Content Manager, Katy Holder, released her family-friendly cookbook, 'Dinner Like A Boss'. This recipe focuses on packing veggies into this meat-free patty with nutty chickpeas, creamy feta and a lemon yoghurt sauce that will get your kids eating more veggies.

Happy International Burger Day!

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