How To Cook - Chick-Chick Boom Salad |Three Veg & Meat

Chick-Chick Boom Salad, we have the chick from chicken, the chick from chickpeas and Boom of flavour. See Olivia’s cooking hints and tips as she makes this delicious dish from her show, Three Veg and Meat.

By: Marley Spoon / 15/05/2020

“OK, so the name of this salad has been dressed up somewhat for the lunchbox, but these are the things we do sometimes to make food sound a little more exciting” - Olivia Andrews

Look at all the lovely veg here! Beans, pumpkin, tomatoes and chickpeas are plenty good for you, tender chicken is a dead-set family fave and the yummy red dressing makes it next-level delicious.

This recipe is from Olivia Andrews' TV show, Three Veg and Meat, where the Marley Spoon co-founder cleverly reimagines family favourites so they're veggie-heavy and super-nutritious.

Want the recipe? Chick-Chick Boom Salad

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