How To Cook - Nice Fried Rice | Three Veg & Meat

This Nice Fried Rice will quickly disappear off plates! See Olivia’s cooking hints and tips as she makes this delicious dish from her show, Three Veg and Meat.

By: Marley Spoon / 15/05/2020

“Everyone has their own childhood memory of takeaway fried rice from their local Chinese, and mine is Mum picking us up some at least once a week.

What I like most about fried rice is that you can cook it to suit how you feel or what’s in the fridge. Or in this case, what’s in the bag. Surprise, surprise, I do like to make mine a touch healthier than usual.” - Olivia Andrews

Olivia has crammed maximum goodness into this beloved Chinese classic, using healthy mixed grains and a particularly heavy hand with the vegetable component, including peas, sprouts, corn and cauli.

This recipe is from Olivia Andrews' TV show, Three Veg and Meat, where the Marley Spoon co-founder cleverly reimagines family favourites so they're veggie-heavy and super-nutritious.

Want the recipe? Nice Fried Rice

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