How To Cook - Pizza Gone Greek | Three Veg & Meat

What’s better than a Spanakopita? Put it on pizza! See Olivia’s cooking hints and tips as she makes this delicious dish from her show, Three Veg and Meat.

By: Marley Spoon / 15/05/2020

“When it gets to the weekend, I love making Spanakopita, but sometimes weekends are just too busy. So what’s better than a Spanakopita? Putting it on pizza! This is a pizza gone greek classic.” - Olivia Andrews

All kinds of lines get blurred with this approach, including what's strictly Italian or Greek. So here, spanakopita and pizza meet to create this filling, open veggie pie, made super-delicious by the addition of feta, ricotta and walnuts.

This recipe is from Olivia Andrews' TV show, Three Veg and Meat, where the Marley Spoon co-founder cleverly reimagines family favourites so they're veggie-heavy and super-nutritious.

Want the recipe? Pizza Gone Greek

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