How To Cook - Super Seed Veg Medley | Three Veg & Meat

Get a little bit of everything in this dish - soft, crunchy, delicious and a Marley Spoon twist. See Olivia’s cooking hints and tips as she makes this delicious dish from her show, Three Veg and Meat.

By: Marley Spoon / 15/05/2020

“Medleys were a bit of a buzzword in the 80’s, it’s essentially just a group of ingredients that work in harmony together. And it’s Kale, corn and capsicum in this case and they’re the best of friends in this dish.

I’ve also got a nut and seed medley here which really adds to making this super seed veg medley a superfood.” - Olivia Andrews

It's barra and veg that get Olivia’s magic work-over. A medley of roasted vegetables; you make a creamy corn mixture, fish is pan-fried and a crunchy mix of hemp seeds, sesame seeds and almonds gets toasted, to go over the top. Yum!

This recipe is from Olivia Andrews' TV show, Three Veg and Meat, where the Marley Spoon co-founder cleverly reimagines family favourites so they're veggie-heavy and super-nutritious.

Want the recipe? Super Seed Veg Medley

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