Meet our in-house nutritionist!

When we say our recipes are nutritionist-approved, we mean it. Rachel is our resident nutritionist – read more about her work at Marley Spoon and what she gets up to as part of our team of culinary experts.

By: Marley Spoon / 29/07/2020

Rachel Scoular, Marley Spoon nutritionist

With over 27 recipes to choose from each week, Marley Spoon offers plenty of meal choices to suit a broad range of lifestyles and dietary needs. To make sure we're bringing on board the best ingredients and all our recipes are fully analysed for their nutritional offering, we have our very own in-house nutritionist, Rachel. Hear about her passion for all things nutrition and what she gets up to as part of the Marley Spoon team.

What first attracted you to working in nutrition?

When I was younger, I faced quite a few medical challenges and the nutrition support I received at the time was truly inspirational. Because of that experience, nutrition became the career I really wanted to pursue.

You’re a qualified nutritionist - what did you study to become accredited?

I studied a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at university, which gave me wide exposure to a range of different career paths, such as hospital work or sports nutrition, however I’ve always worked in the food industry because that’s my biggest passion! I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia, so to keep this title I’m required to complete continuous professional development to ensure I stay up to date with everything happening in the health and nutrition sector.

What does a typical day at Marley Spoon look like for you?

I work very closely with the Culinary team, analysing each and every recipe they develop. I look over the recipes while they’re in development to advise the team and offer suggestions to tailor recipes to help maximise the health benefits and nutrient density of all our healthy meals, as well as assessing the nutritional profiles of all our recipes - you can find that information on the recipes pages on our website. I also work alongside our ingredient sourcing team to ensure that new products we bring on board to work with in the kitchen are suitably nutritious for our recipes and a range of dietary needs.

You’ve said before that you really care about helping people understand nutrition and the food they cook and eat.

I love my job, I’m incredibly passionate about culinary nutrition and I love the integral role nutrition plays in helping us look and feel our best. I strive to equip and empower people to make food choices that not only taste great, but make you feel great too!

What’s your favourite Marley Spoon recipe so far?

It’s not an easy choice, but the Salmon with Sweet Soy Greens and Chinese BBQ-Seasoned Wedges is one of my favourites! I was lucky enough to try it in the test kitchen a few weeks ago and loved the great flavour of this nutrient-packed, balanced dish.

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