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Food waste is a global issue and at Marley Spoon we hate to see food end up in landfill. That’s why we’ve created a free e-course that's all about reducing food waste at home!

By: Marley Spoon / 01/02/2021

Did you know that the average Australian household throws out 1 in every 5 bags of groceries? That means wasting $3800 worth of food every year! Because we deliver the exact ingredients you need in pre-portioned quantities, cooking with Marley Spoon means having a low waste kitchen – we hate seeing food ending up in landfill.

But it's not just in the home or Australia that food waste is an issue. Globally food waste accounts for 8% of all greenhouse gases - more than the aviation industry. And about one-third (33%) of all the food produced globally is never eaten - about 1.3 billion tonnes of food, and yet one in nine people still do not have enough to eat.

While those numbers are alarming, we know that by learning more about food waste and starting to take actions in our homes that we will be taking the first steps towards a more sustainable food waste future. That’s why we’ve created a free e-course all about reducing food waste at home!

Available through EdApp, our free interactive course is broken down into five micro-lessons that cover:

  • The astounding facts and figures, including why it’s so important to minimise food waste
  • How to reduce food waste, including shopping smart how to store food correctly, fridge management and tips on preserving and composting
  • Plastic vs Food waste, including why plastics are used and how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics
  • Meal kits and their carbon footprint, including how meal kits can help to lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reusing food waste, including clever tips on making potato crisps from leftover potato peels and tips for using the final skerrick from the jam jar for delicious salad dressings!

To take our free course, visit: edapp.com/food-waste

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