Our range of delicious fish options!

Discover Marley Spoon’s range of delicious, high-quality fish ingredients, including sustainably raised salmon, tuna, mussels, basa, barramundi and more.

Our range of delicious fish options!

June 26, 2024

Discover Marley Spoon’s range of delicious, high-quality fish ingredients, including sustainably raised salmon, tuna, mussels, basa, barramundi and more.

We know that healthy cooking and eating are topics of keen interest for so many Marley Spooners and as well as making for a broader variety of delicious flavours for you to cook with at home, fish offers a healthy protein choice and is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fats you can find.

Every week, we have a minimum of two recipes on offer featuring one of our fish options. When it comes to sourcing the most flavoursome, high-quality ingredients for our recipes, we work closely with trusted suppliers to pack your boxes with only the best. Read on to learn more about these supplier partners and their fantastic ingredients.


Marley Spoon Australia Bluefin Tuna Steak Niçoise Salad with Olives, Beans and French Dressing

Our bluefin tuna is sourced from Australia via Dinko Seafoods, a proudly family-owned, family-operated business in Port Lincoln, South Australia. Pioneers of the industry, their prime seafoods have been sustainably harvested from the pristine ocean waters of the Eyre Peninsula since 1966.

The superior flavour of their sashimi-grade bluefin tuna is thanks to the health of their harvest, and the care taken with processing. The natural flavour and freshness of the fish is carefully preserved from the ocean to the plate; within hours of harvest, the tuna is placed in cryovac packaging, then frozen at -24°C, which removes the need for harmful gases or preservatives, ensuring the best taste and texture.

Southern bluefin tuna is lean, high in protein (eating just one portion in one of our recipes boosts your protein intake by 30 grams!) and nutrient-dense. It’s particularly rich in Omega 3 fats, which may help promote heart health, reduce inflammation, and have the potential to improve brain function and mood. Tuna is also a great source of vitamin D, magnesium and calcium, which are essential vitamins and minerals for supporting good health.

Our southern bluefin tuna has a mild flavour and a luxuriously silky yet meaty texture when cooked. It is perfect pan-seared, barbecued or grilled, and can also be cooked in stews and soups. You’ll find it on our menus in recipes such as Bluefin Tuna Steak Niçoise Salad with Olives, Beans and French Dressing (pictured above), or Charred Bluefin Tuna and Dill Oil with Rhubarb Radish Salsa and Rocket.



Marley Spoon Australia Moules Marinières with Cream, Garlic and Sourdough Baguette

We’re proud to source our mussels from Yumbah Aquaculture, Australia’s premier supplier of organic, sustainable blue mussels. They’re farmed in the pristine waters of Mount Martha in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and Port Lincoln, South Australia. These are both particularly nutrient-rich environments where there is no need for adding fertilisers or feed to the water. The mussels are harvested early in the morning, cleaned, scrubbed and de-bearded, then packed in Yumbah’s ‘Sea-Sure’ packaging, which mimics the natural ocean environment.

As a bi-valve, mussels are vital for balancing ocean ecosystems; they filter up to 20 litres of sea water daily. Their process of shell formation removes carbon dioxide from the sea, supporting an improved marine environment. Because they don’t require intervention or any manufactured feed, Yumbah mussels are a highly sustainable protein. Yumbah Aquaculture also oversees a hatchery for replenishing mussels, which is part of their overall approach to sustainability. This ensures that the wild mussel populations in the area are replenished and thrive, which reduces the risks of overfishing and depletion.

Versatile, tasty and high-quality, mussels are always a delicious treat. They’re an excellent low-calorie source of lean protein, iron, zinc, Omega 3 fats and vitamin B12. Please note that the mussels in our recipes have been cooked prior to packaging, which is why their shells may already be partially or fully opened; refer to your recipe card for cooking instructions. Enjoy their sweet, fresh and briny flavours in recipes such as our Moules Marinières with Cream, Garlic and Sourdough Baguette (pictured above), Mussels Marinara Pasta with Radish and Spinach Salad, or Hot and Sour Thai Curry Mussels with Snow Peas and Steamed Rice.



Marley Spoon Australia Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Garlic Beans & Roasted Vegetables

Supplied by Global Seafoods – a third generation, Western Australian, family-owned company – Marley Spoon recipes feature Clean Harvest Barramundi. Vacuum packaged at peak freshness, Clean Harvest is a sustainably and responsibly farmed barramundi, raised in the pristine ocean waters of Van Phong Bay in Vietnam. The fish is instantly snap-frozen upon harvest to ensure it arrives to you at its highest quality and freshness.

Based on a sustainable model of aquaculture, Clean Harvest Barramundi uses state of the art aquaculture and traditional harvesting processes, allowing for eco-friendly production of fish of the highest quality. Passionate about quality and sustainability, the brand carries a number of certifications including from Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) and Ocean Wise Seafood, its farms have also been accredited by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the only farmed barramundi to have received this recognition of their sustainable practices.

Clean Harvest Barramundi has an exceptional flavour and texture, with a notably higher Omega 3 content than other barramundi and a signature sweetness to its firm flesh that makes it ideally suited to grilling, baking and pan-frying.

You’ll find barramundi on our menu in recipes such as Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Garlic Beans & Roasted Vegetables (pictured above), Low-Cal Pan-Seared Barramundi with Lemon, Broccoli & Burghul, or Barramundi and Smoky Chickpeas with Spinach and Cumin.



Marley Spoon Australia 15-Min Asian Fish Noodle Salad

Basa is a versatile white fish that is often used as an alternative to cod or haddock. It has a light texture with a moist flesh and mild fish flavour that makes it extremely versatile to cook with. Basa is low in calories, a good source of protein and is naturally low in fat and as a result, it often features in our Nutritious or Low-Calorie recipes.

Sourced from leading seafood suppliers De Costi, our basa fillets are sustainably farmed in Vietnam. You’ll find basa on our menu in a range of recipes styles, like our 15-Min Asian Basa Fish
with Noodle Salad and Sesame Seeds (pictured above), Basa Laksa with Coconut, Bamboo Shoots and Lime, plus Fish Stir-Fry with Sesame Rice & Thai Basil.


Salmon fillets and smoked salmon

Marley Spoon Australia Seared Salmon and Miso Butter Rice

When you see salmon fillets or smoked salmon in our recipes, these are sourced from the renowned, Tasmania-based Tassal.

Tassal produces responsibly farmed Tasmanian Atlantic salmon grown in the cool, clean waters of Tasmania. Dedicated to farming responsibly raised fish, they have global third-party certifications including from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) to ensure sustainability and quality is maintained across their practices. All Tassal salmon products are independently assessed by these accreditors to ensure that Tassal salmon is raised sustainably and is socially responsible.

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fats; it contributes to heart health and is packed with beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support a healthy diet. Salmon is also a good source of protein, a nutrient our body needs for growth and development. A 100-gram portion of salmon provides roughly 42% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) of protein for an Australian adult.

Versatile, delicious and so easy to cook, Tassal salmon fillets take to a range of different preparations, be it baking, grilling, pan-frying or steaming. It features in Marley Spoon recipes like Baked Salmon Niçoise with Grain Mustard Vinaigrette, and Turmeric-Coconut Salmon with Spiced Hash and Pickled Cucumber.

Tender yet rich, Tassal smoked salmon is smoked gently to create a well-balanced flavour that’s ideal for enjoying in thin, delicate slices. We feature it frequently in salads, pastas and grain bowls for quick dinner prep that delivers on maximum taste. Think Seared Salmon and Miso Butter Rice with Edamame and Avocado (pictured above), 15-Minute Smoked Salmon Salad with Eggplant, Croutons & Basil Pesto, or Reduced-Carb Smoked Salmon with Fennel & Dill Salad.



Marley Spoon Australia Garlic-Chilli Prawn Spaghetti with Baby Spinach

Because we know you love prawns as much as we do, we’re happy that they’re healthy as well as super-tasty! High in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, they’re low in calories and incredibly low in fat. They’re also a good source of B-group vitamins, which help support muscle development and replenish red blood cells, as well as selenium (vital for healthy cells) and zinc (which supports the immune system).

Our prawns are sourced by KB Food Company in Western Australia from Vietnam using exacting quality standards, including Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). This seafood-specific certification programme ensures that all social responsibility issues, plus those around food safety, animal health, welfare and the environment, are carefully addressed at every step of the way. KB Food Company is Australian operated and maintains a commitment to promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly practices. Operating to the highest standard and compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and with state-of-the-art production facilities, they comply with numerous certifications including from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which aims to end overfishing and restore fishery stocks for future generations, and the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a not-for-profit that seeks to reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the Australian environment.

Our sweet, lean and versatile peeled prawns are perfect for a whole range of recipes, including many of our healthy ones. They’re quick-cooking, with techniques like pan-frying, stir-frying, steaming, grilling and fast-baking among the best. Look for prawns in exciting dishes such as Garlic-Chilli Prawn Spaghetti with Baby Spinach (pictured above), Lemongrass Garlic Prawn Stir-Fry with Jasmine Rice and Satay Sauce, plus Chargrilled Prawns with Sichuan Salt and Wasabi Mayo and Low-Carb Ginger Prawns with Asian Slaw and Spicy Lime Mayo.

Discover all our upcoming recipes featuring fish on our menu!

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