Rise and Shine - Marley Spoon Breakfast has arrived

Have you heard? Breakfast is most important meal of the day. Well this might be old news but what's new is the launch of our new range of breakfast options. Healthy muesli breakfasts are available for order now, with cafe-style brunch options starting delivery on Monday 4 May.

By: Meagan / 22/04/2020

Rise and Shine, Marley Spoon have a range of breakfast options now available to order through your account.

Zero-Stress Breakfast Bag

Marley Spoon makes it easier to eat well in the morning! Each of our Zero-Stress Breakfast bags provide three mornings of breakfast, which you can tailor according to personal preference.

Zero-Stress Breakfast Bag

Serve our natural (or toasted) muesli, creamy yoghurt and fresh, seasonal fruits with your favourite milk (nut, soy, oat, rice or dairy, for example), or fruit juice. This is a great option for your everyday breaky, to kickstart the workday.

Available each week, you can find them in your account in the 'Add On' section.

Four New Brunch Options - Available in May

For home chefs who want to show off some more culinary flair in the morning, we have our new brunch options. Each week, there are two options available so you can prepare your own cafe inspired brunches at home in around 30 minutes or less.

Brunch Avo-Goat Cheese Toast with Radish, Hemp Seeds and Greens


Here's our spin on avo-on-toast for breakfast. Goat cheese goes brilliantly with the avo then with a touch of lemon, a crisp little radish salad and a scattering of delicious hemp seeds. This will make for a fantastic start to the Day. Available on the menu - 4/5 and 18/5

Brunch Pumpkin Baked Beans with Chorizo and Tortillas

Brunch Pumpkin Baked Beans with Chorizo and Tortillas

These beans are smoky, porky, a little sweet from maple syrup and filled with the goodness of added vegetables, giving you everything you need for a fortifying start to the day. Available on the menu - 4/5 and 18/5

Brunch Haloumi Toast with Mushrooms and Thyme-Roast Tomato

Garlic Mushrooms

Here's our kind of lazy weekend (or any time!) brunch, featuring everyone's favourite squeaky cheese piled on toast. Accompanied by oven-roasted tomatoes, garlic fried mushrooms and boosted with spinach and the flavour of thyme, haloumi never looked, or tasted, better. Available on the menu - 11/5 and 25/5

Brunch Spiced Coconut Porridge with Rhubarb Compote and Sticky Nuts

Spiced Porridge

Porridge is the food equivalent of a big, warm hug. If you reckon it's boring though, prepare to rethink it. Our porridge is rich with the flavours of vanilla, spice and coconut, is topped with orangey rhubarb compote and finished with assorted nuts roasted in maple syrup. Definitely. Not. Boring.Available on the menu - 11/5 and 25/5

Available now in the 'Add ons' section of your account.

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