Supplier Month: Meet our dairy suppliers

Marley Spoon is extremely passionate about supporting Australian farmers and suppliers including Meredith Dairy, Ashgrove Cheese, Ruby and Roy's, and Riverina Dairy. Read about them now on The Spoonful!

By: Josephine / 14/03/2019

Meredith Dairy Goat's Cheese

For the last 27 years, Meredith Dairy has been a family run business committed to producing the highest quality dairy products possible!


Their irresistible marinated goat's cheese has since become an international success that serves as a versatile kitchen staple in homes all around the world.

The Meredith Dairy farm is located in the Southern Western region of Victoria in the small town of Meredith.

As they grow, their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices only hightens, as well as impeccable animal welfare standards. We're very proud to support this Australian run, family business.

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Ashgrove Cheese Feta

Meet Ashgrove Cheese! The Ashgrove milk and cheese factory is located at Elizabeth Town, in the heart of the dairying and cropping region in Northern Tasmania. Several generations of Bennett families have been farming the land surrounding the milk and cheese factory since the 1880’s.

WEBID00899HERO A PastaKaleChilliFeta CROPPED-296d81f4b03eafa5025f24920b424b7a

Kale, Chilli and Feta Pasta with Toasted Almonds

The north west of Tasmania is home to some of the world’s freshest air, cleanest water and most fertile soil. The cool temperate climate of Tasmania is ideal for slow growing pastures which are full of nutritional content.

Ashgrove cheese only use the freshest and creamiest milk possible. Their milk is supplied by cows that graze on a natural pasture diet, resulting in milk that is pure in flavour.

ID00854HERO IndianCauliflowerSalad NOALMONDS-1354bd3632e8114d4d387349cabde8eb

Indian Cauliflower Salad with Spinach and Feta

The majority of their milk comes from Ashgrove Farms where it is delivered straight from the dairy to the factory. The cows are a special breed of Holstein, Jersey and Friesian, which produce a creamier, naturally sweeter milk.

Ashgrove Farms aim for ecologically sensible practices, long term stability and productivity. A few key examples of this are Ashgrove Farms doesn't withdraw water resources from the environment that cannot be replenished by natural rainfall, they use hydro renewable energy, avoid irreversible changes to the land such as erosion and recycle water.

You can find Ashgrove feta cheese regularly in our boxes!

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Ruby and Roy's Yoghurt

Ruby and Roy have searced far and wide across Australia, testing hundreds of different variations to establish sustainable and consistent quality that was worthy of their approval.

ID01527HERO TexMexSweetPotato 316-c3f8bd51e6992988be8aaedf68f26ae4

Sweet Potato and Lentil Tacos with Green Chilli Yoghurt

Day after day, test after test, the seemingly impossible was finally achieved. Ruby and Roy did it!

They discovered a way to create the finest yoghurt in the history of the universe in quantities large enough for all the people with taste buds of integrity to enjoy.

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Riverina Dairy Haloumi

Riverina Dairy was born out of a well-equipped and experienced family owned, 100% Australian, Riverina Cheese operation. The Riverina Dairy takes its name from the agricultural heartland of Australia where it’s facility is located. The Riverina is otherwise known as ‘Australia’s Food Bowl’, is located in south western NSW bordered on the south by the state of Victoria and on the east by the Great Dividing Range.

WEB ID01051HERO LentilSpinachSoup 078-9c4881695b765d38977b0502108d9ba4

Lentil and Spinach Soup with Haloumi and Flatbread

It is here, just outside Corowa, that The Riverina Dairy raises its cattle and produces the high quality milk which is then transported just 70km down the road to be used to make The Riverina Dairy’s premium cheese and yoghurt.

The Riverina Dairy brand is rapidly becoming renowned for producing the finest quality dairy products including our haloumi, regularly featured in Marley Spoon recipes, for you to enjoy!

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