Supplier Month: Meet our veggie suppliers

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on our amazing Australian growers and suppliers! Since day one, technology has allowed us to become your local greengrocer, butcher and fishmonger all at once. We’re extremely fortunate to work with such amazing Australian farmers and suppliers and this month we want to celebrate them!

By: Josephine / 11/03/2019


Meet Perfection Fresh Australia! They help us bring capsicum, green beans, mixed medley tomatoes, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, Broccolini® and more to your weekly boxes.


The passionate team behind Perfection Fresh is all about growing delicious seasonal produce and since 1978, they have searched the world for the best produce and brought it home to Australia to grow, perfect and share with you.

Produce HR Qukes Cucumbers LeFresh Hydro6

From the sun-streaked fields of Queensland, to the lush midland meadows of Victoria, and the mild climes of Southern Australia, they go where the seasons take them. We love supporting this family run business that has been operating for over 40 years!

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Baked Salmon Nicoise with Mustard Vinaigrette

ID01159HERO BakedSalmonNicoise BADGE-af11d74606542f47c6ba9cff42346f2a

This recipe ticks all the boxes! It’s family-friendly, fast, healthy, dairy free, has no added gluten and is full of delicious Australian, Tassal Tasmanian Salmon. It also features green beans from our friends at Perfection Fresh Australia. On the menu and in boxes week commencing 18th of March.


Meet the Victoria based family team lead by Catherina Velisha who joined in 2004. They bring our fresh, leafy kale to your boxes.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 11.02.16 am

Abas Velisha along with brothers Mendu and ‘Uncle Jim’, started veggie farming in 1949. Then in the early 60’s, they were the first to direct seed plant and in the 80’s, they were one of Australia’s pioneer exporters of cauliflower and broccoli.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.31.23 pm

With a strong commitment to growing and delivering the best quality produce, we’re extremely proud to have them onboard Marley Spoon!

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Asian Beef and Kale with Sesame Steamed Rice

ID01490HERO CrispyBeefKale 063-4600d2cd08e386a76beb9be02f31dd2c

Kale doesn't have to be relegated to superfood bowls with a sidekick of quinoa. Try it stir-fried with crisp beef strips, oyster sauce and soy, where its robust texture shines. Teamed with jasmine rice, the dish becomes even more fragrant with a splash of sesame oil. Now that's super bowl food.


Red Gem Growers and Packers bring our potatoes and onion to your weekly boxes.

Robert Cerchiaro Red Gem Vic 0431 1

Their story begins in beautiful Victoria in the Dandenong Ranges. It all started in 1954 with the brand of Red Gem Potatoes meaning ‘Red Soil Potatoes from Gembrook’.

Robert Cerchiaro Red Gem Vic 0550 1

Farmers Guido and Robert, have continued the business for the last 37 years and are on a mission to offer the best and freshest produce directly from the heart of the land.

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Lemon and Garlic Chicken Scallopini with Roasted Potatoes

ID00934HERO LemonGarlicScallopini BADGE-c95e0d9b9862b5ee30e1fa5e99c88169

Scallopini can be made with a number of different meats by pounding until thin and tender. Our quick and healthy version of the Italian classic uses pre-cut chicken tenderloins, and subs rich heavy sauce for a light, lemon and garlic-spiked stock. Serve with roasted potatoes and tangy capers for a winning chicken dinner. On the menu week commencing 1st of April.



Meet our sweet potato supplier! They deliver fresh sweet potato to Australians everyday and supply our boxes too! Their farms are 100% Australian owned by farmers working together in the Bundaberg region.

SPA raw slice (1)

With its even climate and abundance of irrigation water, Bundaberg is proving to be the ideal location to grow sweet potatoes all year round.

Sweet Potatoes Australia are the largest grower and supplier of sweet potatoes in Australia and we’re so proud to have them in our boxes.

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Minute Steak with Wasabai Aioli and Sweet Potato Mash

ID01507HERO MinuteSteakWasabi 076-30d2dbf3d60714964cfa777a893c9189

For dinner in a hurry, you can’t beat minute steak! We’ve gone the sweet potato mash route, with minty braised peas for a fresh hit and a splodge of peppery wasabi mayo to finish. On the menu week commencing 25th of March.

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