Tips for your Sweet Festive Treats, this Christmas

We are featuring two absolutely, intoxicatingly delicious desserts to add to your festive repertoire this December. Let’s chat to the brains behind this easy, summery sweets for any hints and tips around them.

By: Meagan / 13/12/2019

Bronwen Clark is a busy mum of two, her recipes reflecting quick and easiness featuring plenty of Seasonal produce for instant favour and simplicity.

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Mango and Ricotta 'Pavlova' with Macadamia Nut Brittle

Take the concept of Pavola and break it down to its vital parts. If you feel like getting fancy, call it deconstructed (that’s what the chefs do).

Xmas Mango Ricotta Pav GIF

Bronwen’s Tips:

🥄 Cutting Mango - Using a big metal spoon, to scoop out the mango flesh is the best way to go. It’s all outlined in the recipe instructions, so be sure to give those a read before you start

🥄 Make the day before - Save on stress, by making the Mango and Ricotta Cream and Macadamia brittle the day before. Then simply cut of the Mango and assemble on the day.

🥄 Macadamia Brittle - Keep on stirring! Once the brittle starts to colour, watch it closely as it will turn that beautiful dark caramel colour quickly.

Start decontructing your Mango and Ricotta Pavlova now

Roasted Peaches with Custard and Chocolate-Maple Wafers

'Simple but stunning' is the dessert motto here. Caramelised peaches nestle in rich vanilla custard, with sweet, crisp choc-nut wafers on the side.

Peach Custard Maple Wafers

Bronwen’s Tips:

🥄 Chocolate-Maple Wafers - These can be made the day before, make sure you let them cool from the oven before putting them in an air-tight container.

🥄 Wafer Thickness - When pouring on the baking tray, keep it an even 2mm thick, (basically as thin as you can go without it going see through.) As you bake it, make sure its a dark, golden colour, if it’s pale it will be too soft.

🥄 Storing Custard - If you do decide to make the custard the day before, store it in the fridge with plastic wrap over the surface of the custard to prevent a skin from forming.

Create your Roasted Peaches with Custard dessert now

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