The Many Ways That Marley Spoon Slays: The Supermarket

In this edition of “The Many Ways Marley Spoon Slays”, we’re talking about the supermarket. Where free time goes to die, and how to make it a thing of the past.

By: Josephine / 17/08/2018

In this month’s edition of “The Many Ways That Marley Spoon Slays”, we’re talking about the supermarket. The place where your free time goes to die. How many times have you gotten lost in the supermarket aisle, your shopping list left at the bottom of your bag and your eyes dotting from product to product, overwhelmed by the colours, lights, and sheer volume of things to consider? Or worse, how many times have you lost your shopping buddy?! We’ve all been there.

supermarket trolley

For many of us, going to the supermarket is a chore, and something that inevitably results in either too much stuff, or stuff you didn’t need to buy (thanks, price promotions!). Beyond the hassle, the supermarkets in Australia are incredibly powerful. This means farmers and producers don’t have a lot of say in what they earn by selling to the supermarkets - with many “take it or leave it” deals in the industry.

At the end of the day, we believe that supermarkets and their systems are outdated and unsustainable, and there are many ways that the food chain could be improved. This is why we also believe supermarkets aren’t the future of food - we are. And here’s why:

No More Searching For Inspiration In The Aisles

With Marley Spoon, there’s no need to freak out about what to cook while you’re at the supermarket. Googling wildly for a recipe everyone will enjoy that has a good selection of healthy ingredients that also won’t break the bank? Hello, headache.

Marley Spoon has chefs working everyday to make 12 recipes every week for you to choose - so there’s not only plenty of variety, you don’t have to seek out inspo. It comes right to you - literally to your door!


no more meal planning


No food waste

Up to 40% of produce is rejected by supermarkets because it’s not perfect. Added to this, Australians throw out close to $10 billion worth of food every year. There are a lot of factors contributing to this, but one of the biggest is that we buy too much. We don’t check what we already have in the kitchen before we shop, and the layouts of supermarkets are strategically designed to lead us in a specific route. With thousands of products on the shelves, we get distracted from what we came for, and end up with the makings for tacos, a cheese platter and veal schnitzel when we only came in for toilet paper and some apples.

Marley Spoon sends pre-portioned, exact amounts of the food you order, so you cook it all up and eat it all. Nothing left going off in the AND the added bonus of correct portion sizes. Food waste is a real problem in Australia, and we’re proud to boast a zero food waste policy.

Local produce and suppliers

Supermarkets will buy what’s cheapest for them from suppliers, regardless of the country of origin. At Marley Spoon, we work with as many local suppliers as we can. We relish the opportunity to explore new manufacturers and small businesses that have amazing products and produce that we can share with our Spooners, and we often send samples in our boxes to spread the word! We truly care about supporting local Australian businesses.

Quick, simple & balanced meals

At the end of the day (literally), what you want is a quick, healthy and delicious meal that is on the table quicker than you can say “we don’t have any garlic, I have to pop out quickly”!

Our mission? Deliver fresh, seasonal ingredients and delicious recipes for easy weeknight cooking. We work with local chefs and nutritionists to make the meals a) simple b) quick c) healthy and d) delicious. When it’s all delivered to you with everything you need in one box - you really can’t go wrong!


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