Three Veg and Meat is the new flexitarianism

Flip the balance on your plate and make vegetables the star. Our Culinary Director, Olivia Andrews has a new TV Show, Three Veg and Meat, airing 17th February.

By: Meagan / 23/01/2020

Only 4% of Australians are eating enough vegetables each day, with the average person only eating half as much as they should according to the National Health Survey.

Eating more veg and less meat means you’re doing better by your body, your budget and the planet. You don’t need to sacrifice flavour to get the dietary focus, right?


Welcome to Three Veg and Meat - the new flexitarianism. Let’s flip the balance to make vegetables the hero on our plates. You may have heard us talk about it before, with Olivia, having launched the Three Veg and Meat cookbook, last year.

Olivia Andrews has been the brain-child of Three Veg and Meat. Now it is more than just a cookbook, it’s a movement.


With 20 episodes airing, Three Veg and Meat will give you all the tools you need to join in on the flexi-party. Just think of all of your favourite dishes - reimagined.

In partnership with Marley Spoon & Nutrition Australia this show will focus on increasing the amount of plant based food in your diet. It will be the go-to guide for families wanting the best for their kids as well as improving their own diets over all.

There will also be tricks, tips & kitchen hacks sprinkled throughout the show – simple snacks, organising the fridge, what to buy when, batch cooking, dietary requirements and the best one of all, how to order the lot on Marley Spoon.


The Details: Airing 4pm, Weeknights - Channel 10

Three Veg and Meat recipes will be available in your account from 3rd February, with first deliveries happening first week of March.

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