What's The Deal With Food Delivery?

Supermarket shopping is so 2015! Ordering food delivery from a meal kit like Marley Spoon is the new way to cook in Australia. Here is our guide to home food delivery services, why you need them and how you can get one.

By: Alina Fordham / 17/09/2019

How Do Home Delivery Meals Work?

A food delivery service will send a box of recipes and fresh ingredients directly to your house. You select the recipes you want to cook online, Marley Spoon offers a choice of 20 fresh recipes every week, and the meal delivery service will do the rest! You order only when it's convenient for you, and you can cook between 2 and 4 meals a week (for 2 to 4 people). Ordering home delivery meals is the best way to experiment with exciting recipes, cook healthier and save time. It's easily delicious!

When you sign up with Marley Spoon, you follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Select a plan: choose how many meals, and for how many people, you want to cook each week. Here you can opt for a vegetarian box too.
  2. Set location: enter your postcode and email address.
  3. Delivery details: choose where and when you want to receive your box.
  4. Payment method: pay with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or American Express.
  5. Choose meals: You select your recipes. If you can't decide, just let us know what you like, and we'll select for you!

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What Are The Benefits Of Fresh Food Delivery?

Home delivery meals have really taken off in Australia. You might have heard your friends bragging about their expanded cooking repertoire or how convenient getting food delivery is. People order food online for so many reasons, here are five awesome benefits of home delivery meals.

1) Exciting Dinners

Do you ever find yourself repeating the same dinners over and over again? Do you struggle to find the inspiration and time for creative meal planning? Ordering a meal kit is the best way to reinvigorate your weeknight cooking and try out new things. One night you might find yourself trying Haloumi and Charred Capsicum Burgers and the next you'll be cooking Three Cheese Spaghetti with Mint and Peas. It doesn't matter if you are not a Masterchef cooking whiz or a complete novice, meal deliveries are designed for anyone who loves food and the joy of a home-cooked meal.

2) Eat Healthier

Getting a fresh food delivery is a great way to eat healthier. You're less likely to buy junk food or order unhealthy takeaways if you have a fridge full of fresh ingredients waiting for you at home. Healthy food delivery services like Marley Spoon have teams of nutritionists supporting their in-house chefs. The nutritional information and calories are always available so you'll know exactly what goodness you are getting. Marley Spoon offers a range of diet-specific recipes, including keto, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. If you are watching your weight, the pre-portioned ingredients make a fresh food delivery a great way to count calories and manage portion sizes. Discover more about Marley Spoon's easy and filling low-calorie meals.

3) The Convenience Factor

The convenience factor of food delivery is huge! Why waste time meal planning and supermarket shopping when you can order food online? Read about The Many Ways That Marley Spoon Slays The Supermarket. The time and energy saved by ordering from a meal delivery service will be life-changing. For singles, couples and families alike, Marley Spoon can transform the way you cook!

4) Total Flexibility

Home delivery meals like Marley Spoon are completely flexible. You choose when and where you want your food delivered, you can skip any week that doesn't work for you, or pause and restart your subscription at any time. You don't need to worry about the exact timings to receive your box: the insulated boxes are chilled so the food keeps fresh when you're not home. Address changes, dietary restrictions, family growth, holiday breaks, Marley Spoon is ready for anything.

5) Save Money

Getting a meal delivery will save you money! The average Australian household throws out ⅕ of their groceries, that equates to $3,800 per household of waste every year. The pre-portioned ingredients sent in a food delivery mean zero food waste. You'll no longer need to buy that whole bottle of fish sauce or entire bag of noodles for that one stir fry. Your pantry will be less cluttered too!


Why Marley Spoon is the Best Food Delivery Service

Are you ready for delicious and simple home delivery meals? If so, you need Marley Spoon! Here is why Marley Spoon is Australia's favourite food delivery service:

1) Exciting Chef-Designed Recipes

Each week there is a choice of 20 delicious and inspiring recipes. Our Culinary Creative Director, Olivia Andrews (author of Three Veg and Meat) leads a team of chefs, nutritionists, recipe writers and researchers who, through imagination, trial and testing, design the perfect menu every week. Meet the culinary team here!

2) Easy cooking

Olivia and the team understand that dinnertime should be stress-free. Although the dishes are packed with flavour, the recipes are never overly complicated. All our dishes can be prepared in 6 simple steps and they usually take around 30 minutes.

3) Sustainable Ingredients

Marley Spoon works hard to source the freshest ingredients from sustainable Australian suppliers. You'll find Lilydale free-range chicken, Velisha Farms and Perfection Fresh Australia vegetables, and Tassal Tasmanian Salmon in your box! Meet our suppliers!

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